3 Tree trimming techniques

An Arborist Trimming a Very Green Willow Tree

Many people love their trees more than anything. They enjoy trimming and pruning of trees. You should know proper techniques and tips to keep the trees in superb condition and shape. When you have the right tools and knowledge, you can keep the trees healthy by pruning them. By trimming them properly, you can make their appearance nice and can easily eradicate dead branches and other problems.

When you have small trees, you can easily trim them. However, if you have large trees, then you need special tools and guidance. Thus for proper trimming techniques, it’s better to hire tree service companies as they are more professional than you.

Some of the trees trimming techniques are as follows:

Before you do cutting, it is advisable to look for the branch collar which is at the lower part of the branch base and raised from the stem. Make sure of branch ridge also, it’s on the above surface of the stem at branch angle. Also, make sure you don’t cut or harm the branch collar and cut outside of the branch ridge. Keep away from the stems and don’t damage them. The same technique used for pruning the living and dead branches.

The three cut technique is used when the stem is very long. First, cut the stem side which is far from the branch engaged. The second cut should be overhead the branch ridge and inside the branch crotch. The third step will cut the end by acerbic the stem which is equivalent to the branch ridge bark.

The trees in Texas are lush green and huge. If they are small, you can manage them easily with necessary tools and knowledge. However, if they are big, then it’s not your cup of tea. It is better to give tree service companies to do trimming for you.

Tree Removal

Tree’s can be damaged by the wind, weather, too much rain, lack of rain, or by disease. Tree’s also have a life cycle and will eventually start to die. When you realize there is nothing else you can do for your trees, it is a good idea to call in a professional tree service company. If you are in the Central Texas area and need help, you can reach out to Tree Removal Round Rock TX. Since tree’s are so massive, you will want someone trained in removal to handle this job.

Wrap up

The tree trimming is vital for your trees health and environment. You should have proper knowledge and tools to trim the trees correctly. However, if you are not professional, it is better to seek help from a tree services company in your area.

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