3 Tree trimming techniques

An Arborist Trimming a Very Green Willow Tree

Many people love their trees more than anything. They enjoy trimming and pruning of trees. You should know proper techniques and tips to keep the trees in superb condition and shape. When you have the right tools and knowledge, you can keep the trees healthy by pruning them. By trimming them properly, you can make their appearance nice and can easily eradicate dead branches and other problems.

When you have small trees, you can easily trim them. However, if you have large trees, then you need special tools and guidance. Thus for proper trimming techniques, it’s better to hire tree service companies as they are more professional than you.

Some of the trees trimming techniques are as follows:

Before you do cutting, it is advisable to look for the branch collar which is at the lower part of the branch base and raised from the stem. Make sure of branch ridge also, it’s on the above surface of the stem at branch angle. Also, make sure you don’t cut or harm the branch collar and cut outside of the branch ridge. Keep away from the stems and don’t damage them. The same technique used for pruning the living and dead branches.

The three cut technique is used when the stem is very long. First, cut the stem side which is far from the branch engaged. The second cut should be overhead the branch ridge and inside the branch crotch. The third step will cut the end by acerbic the stem which is equivalent to the branch ridge bark.

The trees in Texas are lush green and huge. If they are small, you can manage them easily with necessary tools and knowledge. However, if they are big, then it’s not your cup of tea. It is better to give tree service companies to do trimming for you.

Tree Removal

Tree’s can be damaged by the wind, weather, too much rain, lack of rain, or by disease. Tree’s also have a life cycle and will eventually start to die. When you realize there is nothing else you can do for your trees, it is a good idea to call in a professional tree service company. If you are in the Central Texas area and need help, you can reach out to Tree Removal Round Rock TX. Since tree’s are so massive, you will want someone trained in removal to handle this job.

Wrap up

The tree trimming is vital for your trees health and environment. You should have proper knowledge and tools to trim the trees correctly. However, if you are not professional, it is better to seek help from a tree services company in your area.


Landscaping your yard in Central Texas

Landscaping is a demanding and creative task of designing a garden plan, organizing different elements (paths, terraces, pools or fountains, sitting elements, children’s play) and deciding about different types of plants and grasses that work well in your area. For some people, creating a perfect yard is instinctive: they know what they want and have good ideas. On the other side, for most people decorating the yard is a rather complicated process because the essence is not in the design itself, but also in its functioning in such a way that the yard or garden survives and becomes better and better in time.

Lawn Care And A Well Planned Yard

The main purpose of a well-arranged yard is to provide enjoyment and quality of time, relaxation from everyday life, socialization or peace in a green oasis. Whether you have decided to leave a garden design to an expert, a landscape architect or similar landscape companies, or you want to devote yourself to it, there are several basic rules to keep in mind when designing a garden. First of all, you need to know that there are differences around the world, and that you should choose wisely.

The task of landscape companies is to carry out a systematic analysis of existing social, ecological and geological conditions and processes in a particular area. The process itself consists of field trips, field shooting, analysis of collected data, and then approaching the development of plans and solutions. The end result is fully in line with the position and orientation of the area, paying particular attention to the side of the world, the sources of light, the existing overhead and underground installation and of course in accordance with the goals defined by the wishes of the clients.

Indigenous Plants of Central Texas

When it comes to Central Texas area, it is of a huge importance to choose the plants and grasses that can perform well in south central climates. It is of a huge importance to know that, there are some plants called Texas Superstar Plants. Those are plants that are marked by horticultural experts to be the most successful for this area; Hibiscus ‘Lord Baltimore’, Dwarf Mexican petunia (Ruellia brittoniana), ‘Belinda’s Dream’ rose (Rosa ‘Belinda’s Dream’), and many other that look beautiful and that will enrich your garden. On the other side, the choice of grasses for your garden should also be carefully made. The biggest attention should be paid to those that can endure durable and warm summers, without the need of much watering. It is why probably the best choices are St. Augustine, Bermuda Grass, and Palisades Zoysia Grass. These grasses are usually very typical for this area, and if you decide to find out more about each of them, you would probably see which one is the most suitable for your garden. Usually, all of them are low to medium maintenance type of grass, but only St. Augustine requires a lot of water, on contrary to Bermuda and Palisades.

So you have a choice, you can always decide to do the landscaping on your own with a little research and some hard work, or you can hire a qualified landscaping company to handle the work and design for you. If you are in the Central Texas, and might be looking for Round Rock Landscaping work to be done, be sure and check out Landscaping Round Rock for quality work. In closing, make sure to remember all of the things we touched on here, and if you do, you will probably have an amazing yard, a relaxing retreat, and a place to rest and to enjoy your free time.


Benefits of Hiring a Professional Landscaping Service

Your landscaping plays an important role in your life. Your front yard’s landscaping can make or break the overall appearance of your home. In addition, landscaping plays a role in home security and even drainage. If you are up to the challenge of making one all by yourself, you can of course do your own landscape and professional landscape service is certainly not a necessity. However, when you do not have the knowledge and experience in landscaping, hiring a professional landscaping service is usually the best way to get the performance and the look you want from the trees, plants and lawn of your property.


Landscaping Services for Outdoor Makeovers

In a lot of situations, hiring a professional landscape service such as Austin landscaping is beneficial. Most especially, outdoor landscaping projects will show big differences between a professional landscape design and do it yourself design. If you have any problems with your current landscape, hiring the services of a professional landscaping company is very helpful. Hiring a pro is not just the most effective strategy, as it usually turns out to be the most affordable.

Professional Landscaping Service Benefits

You have just bought a brand new house and it is absolutely perfect. It has finished basement, the two- door garage, the sparkling countertops, as well as everything that you wanted in a house – except for its backyard. Maybe you are thinking that you can transform your backyard into an oasis in no time, but later you find out that you do not know where to begin. There is no need for you to worry – you are not alone. Most people believed they could easily transform their backyard; however, they were unable to build their dream landscape properly. Instead of becoming buried in those DIY pamphlets as well as trying to learn how to use certain tools, you should consider hiring a professional landscape service provider and get ready to receive these 5 benefits:

1. Cost

First and foremost, when you try to do a landscaping project without prior experience or knowledge, you might end up spending too much dollars on equipment, tools, plants, materials and many more. A company that provides expert landscaping services will provide a reasonably fair and affordable cost estimate that usually depends on the depth and size of your landscaping project. They can even work with you to work out a fair and reasonable financing structure for your landscaping project. When you work with a professional, there is no need for you to buy any materials or equipment, saving you more money.

2. Endless creative ideas

A lot of people become instantly stumped when trying to design or construct a jaw dropping landscape for their property. You will begin to ask whether that shrub should be placed near the retaining wall or by the pool deck. As a homeowner, you will have to make these important decisions constantly in case you choose to choose to build your own personal property masterpiece. A professional landscaping team can offer a wide variety of creativity. They will craft certain lawn designs and layouts just for your residential property. In addition to that, they will work with you in order to turn your personal touch of creativity into a reality.

3. High Quality Materials and Equipment

The industry of landscaping is booming nowadays. This means there is an overwhelming amount of landscaping materials to choose from and utilize. From particular grass types to certain drainage systems and seeds, it can be too overwhelming for homeowners. If you personally build your landscape, chances are you wouldn’t know which certain material is high quality. On the other hand, professional landscaping service providers know exactly what materials and tools to use on your yard. Because of that, you will never have to worry about all the wrong material or brand being used on your property.

4. Professional Landscaping Service

Now that you have probably decided to hire an expert landscaping service, you will be happy to know that you actually made the right choice. When you hire a local professional landscaping service, you will receive literally professional landscaping service in all parts of their job. From the quality of their service to the stunning end result of your landscaping project, you will be glad you decide to hire a professional service. These professional landscaping companies work directly with their clients to develop the best plan of action for your landscape or reassess the needs of your property.

5. Experience

Professional landscaping service providers usually have many years of experience in their field. These highly trained and talented people have different areas of expertise, to make sure that all aspects of your landscaping project are properly catered.




Top 14 Simple and Easy Gardening Tricks and Tips from an Expert

From preventing dirt from getting underneath your fingernails to using leftover coffee beans effectively in your garden, an expert gardener shared these top 14 tips as well as shortcuts that can make spring gardening much easier. Here are some tips and tricks that are definitely live-saving hacks:

gardening tricks

  1. In order to remove the salt deposits which usually form on clay pots, you can combine equal parts of water, rubbing alcohol and white vinegar in a spray bottle. This mixture can be applied to the pot with a little scrubbing using a plastic brush. Do not put any plant on the pot if it’s not completely dry yet.
  2. To avoid that the accumulation of dirt underneath your fingernails while working on your garden, you can draw your fingernails across a soap bar and you will effectively seal your nails’ undersides so dirt could not collect beneath them. After that, once you are finished in the garden, you can use a nail brush in removing the soap. Your nails will definitely become sparkling clean.
  3. In order to prevent your string trimmer’s line from breaking or jamming, treat it by spraying vegetable oil on it before you install it in the trimmer.
  4. You can actually turn a long-handled gardening tool into a measuring stick. Lay a long-handled tool on the ground and place a tape measure next to it. Using a permanent marker, you can write foot and inch and marks on its handle. Whenever you have to space plants in a certain distance apart, like an inch to several feet, you will already have a measuring tool in your hand.
  5. You can make your own garden twine dispenser by just sticking a ball of twine in some small clay pot. Pull the twine’s end through the drainage hole of the pot, and set it upside down in your garden. Do that trick and you will never go looking for garden twine again.
  6. Your little clay pots can make great cloches that can protect young plants from overnight, sudden freezes and frosts.
  7. You can turn some clay pot into a handy hose guide. Simply stab a steel reinforcing bar (roughly one foot in length) into the ground and slip two pots over it – one facing up, the other facing down. These guides will avoid making damage to your plants if you drag the hose.
  8. In order to create natural markers, jot down the plants’ names with the use of a permanent marker, on the stone’s flat faces. In various sizes, place them near or at your plants’ base.
  9. Got aphids? Control them using a strong water blast from the hose or can be added with insecticidal soap. Another fun trick is to get some tape. You can wrap a tape’s wide strip around your hand with the sticky side out and pat the plants infested with aphids. Try concentrating on the undersides of leaves since that is where these little buggers love to stick.
  10. The next time you steam or boil vegetables, do not throw the water. Use the water in watering potted patio plants instead of pouring it down the drain. You will definitely be amazed at how your plants respond.
  11. Use leftover coffee and tea grounds to acidify acid loving plants’ soil like camellias, azaleas, blueberries, rhododendrons, and even gardenias. A light sprinkling of about a quarter of an inch that is applied every month will keep the soil’s pH level on the acidic side.
  12. To control damping-off fungus, you can try using chamomile tea. This usually attack young seedlings quite suddenly. Simply add some tea to the soil that is around the seedlings’ base at least once every week, or you can also use chamomile tea as a foliar spray.
  13. There’s no need for to find an instant table for a quick tea service. Your clay pots and saucers can do that so there’s no need for you to look any further. Just flip a large size of pot and try topping it off with a larger size saucer. When you are done with your share of tea, you can now fill the saucer with water to turn it to a birdbath.
  14. The quickest and most effective way in the world to completely dry herbs is to simply lay a sheet of paper on the seat of your vehicle. Arrange the herbs in one single layer, and roll the windows up and close the doors after that. Your herbs will definitely be immediately dried for perfection. In addition to that, your car will also smell great.